/ English version - Description of Services offers digital plagiarism detection that allow users to verify for possible similarities textual content.

We all know famous cases in which allegations of #plagiat destroyed the reputation of public figures or discredited institutions.

If you're a student or graduate student working on the project's degree or diploma or master's dissertation, software is a very useful tool to avoid inadvertent mistakes that can affect the accuracy of your correctiveness. is a free program (software) in the field of plagiarism detection. is used by schools and colleges and aims the students to improve their writing and editing skills.

Because uses the World Wide Web service and search engines (especially Google) services depend on and are limited to data indexed accuracy and data provided by these search engines on the World Wide Web.
To search for possible textual similarities, interrogates search engine where the indexed pages are to be listed in advance and results in the "sending" of a list of links to most relevant sources of similarity.

The existence or absence of possible similarities and their relevance, document content visibility and existence or its hidden aspect, information accuracy, depend only on the used search engines possibilities and on the provided results, having their own algorithms to classify and index web pages and information.

Originality Report (Plagiarism Detection Report), originality verification, possible textual similarities verification
Originality report score and/or received feedback through plagiarism detection report should be used with caution by the assessor regarding the performance of the document content to be verified, considering the fact that the assessor reviews source links (links) for each document.
The assessor should takes these into consideration in relation with the author`s ability to write the document. When this score is used for an important decision on the performance of author`s document, the assessor should review and evaluate the score and/or the feedback to ensure the similarity proper decision is objective.

There is no plagiarism
According DEX "there is not plagiarism, when using phrases or definitions, belonging to the basic concepts on the specific line of work, using notions of general knowledge or consecrated expressions" whose author was lost in time or reinterpretation and reformulation using various paragraphs.

The plagiarism, which is distinct, should not to be confused with the author`s moral rights or violation of intellectual property infringement.

In scientific work case, the copy of fragments from documents protected by intellectual property rights, without needing permission from the holder of intellectual property rights, is permitted when the correct author and source are specified, to discuss them or include them in argument.

Science literature and language, technical or scientific language, medical language and legal language, are characterised by uniformity, not being used differently, but claiming a guide prepared by the user.
For example: legal field is a field based largely on the nature of normative sources, the texts. Any work starts from documents and then follows the views expressed in the scientific literature and personal interpretations. Therefore, in the scientific literature there is a lot of debate relating to the common corpus, the given that it is used by all authors.

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