Q: What is
A: is a free of charge plagiarism detection program (software) specially designed for Ehglish & Romanian language, a plagiarism aid. program is any Romanian document originality validation solution.
Q: What differentiates us from other programs plagiarism?
A: offers the most advanced Ehglish & Romanian documents plagiarism detection software, approved by the Ethics Committee and used in most universities in Romania and Repubic of Moldavia.
The current version of plagiarism detection software (v2.0) identifies and establishes plagiarism even if some "loopholes" are trying to "fool" or to avoid detection of plagiarism.
We are the first 100% Romanian documents plagiarism detection software developed for Romanian documents verification and plagiarism detection. The use of is free of charge.
We have tested similar documents plagiarism verification sites developed by and for English speakers and we found out that about 45% of the results were false positives.
We are the most advanced and comprehensive English & Romanian documents plagiarism software. is subject of complex plagiarism verifications in similar sentences and phrases, missing or inaccurate quotes, generating a full plagiarism verification report. The software allows the user to see online the document content that has been plagiarized.
Q: On what operating, does the software system run?
A: is compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista operating systems. It does not run under Mac and Linux.
It does not run under Windows XP, because Microsoft ended the support for this operating system in April 2014 ( program is based on the .NET framework 4.0, so before running the program make sure you have .NET installed
Q: What type of files can be scanned for plagiarism?
A: scans .doc and .docx files s (Microsoft Office Word) .pdf files (Portable Document Format), .txt files.
Q: How long does the software need to generate plagiarism detection report?
A: analyzes and scans more than 10 billion of resources, and for doing so, time is needed. Depending on the file size and the type of computer and its power, anti-plagiarism verification can take between 5-15 minutes.
Q: What is plagiarism?
Plagiaris`s simple definition means to take ideas from a particular source, snippets of text that you copy and embed them in a paper claimed to be yours, without specifying sources.
The most common types of plagiarism are:
- assuming authorship for documents copied from the internet;
- copying passages or paragraphs without quoting / specifying sources;
- wrong citation, or lack of quotation marks when you want to quote from a specific source;
- copying document content, and changing quotation marks or some words that do not alter the essential structure of a claimed document although its majority is taken from other sources.
Q: How can I avoid plagiarism?
The risk of plagiarism can be disposed by following these steps:
- Make sure your notes and ideas proper source taken from other documents content are to be indicated (author, work, publisher, year, page);
- Make sure you put quotation marks at all citations;
- Clearly differentiate between the ideas of your own and the ideas taken from other writers;
- Make sure you have not exaggerated in the use of quotations; a work consisted mostly of quotes is considered to be plagiarism;
- Use - it is the most complete document analysis software against plagiarism. Select the text that you wish to verify and our software will face you the result, scanning the internet thoroughly and marking passages that are similar to other sources.
Q: What happens if I plagiarise by accident?
Even when it occurs involuntarily, plagiarism can cause you problems. You may fail an exam, be even expelled or fired - if you're a teacher.
In extreme situations, plagiarism or other creations "piracy" for commercial purposes may result in criminal record, followed by fines (up to 50,000 RON in Romania) or prison (from 6 months to 3 years, or even up to 12 years if there is an accumulation of aggravated offences - in Romania).
Therefore intentionally or unwittingly copy of a work (which may be protected by copyright), may cause you not only discrediting of the environment in which you operate, but also legal consequences.
Q: If I take passages from a previously published work, is is still considered to be plagiarism if I wrote it all myself?
It will be hard for you to believe, but even the resumption of passages from your own works previously published, without proper quoting, may bring accusations of plagiarism, or at least of writing negligence, which will reduce your document content value.
Q: But if indicate quotation marks at all citations, is it still called plagiarism?
If your work consists mostly of quotes, it is still called plagiarism. Acquisition of quotes and their mixing brings added value to the document content and lacks in helping you to prove any trace of originality.
In fact, an honest point of view, a personal conclusion based on a serious study - are more valuable than the string of most brilliant quotes on a particular theme.
Q: Who uses
A: is used both by pupils and students to verify and improve drafted documents before being presented to teachers or published.
For researchers, writers and editors who wish to publish documents, is the last step before sending written document content for publication.
In a world made of information, intellectual property is the most important asset of any company, so any document in the scientific, technical or medical field may be checked against plagiarism. aids the teachers, schools and universities to verify and detect plagiarism.
Original content provided by media and publications is verified before publishing with our software. offers book publishers the guarantee that their work is original and ready for publication.
Q: Why does not my program works after installation?
- You use another operating system besides Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista.
- You have not installed the .NET framework version 4.0 download/details.aspx?id=17851
- You have activated an aggressive version of firewall security software.

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