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  / English version - free online plagiarism detector is the very first and free of charge document plagiarism detection software committed to a careful plagiarism detection regarding online & offline documents.

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Welcome to! We are happy to present you the first throw project in developing a plagiarism software adapted to documents written in Romanian language. This software - the result of a team hard work, made of IT specialists, is an unique selling proposition in Romania, presenting you the very first plagiarism detection software, configured for a proper detection of English & Romanian documents. analyzes and scans more than 10 billion resources, and it benefits from a set of analysis techniques that allow this software solution to detect suspicious similarities and paragraphs copied from one or more sources in an efficient manner, and which are located in the text submitted for the investigation.
Although computer analysis takes no more than one minute or two, depending on the size of the document, the software verification is thorough.
The plagiarism detection software scans billions of texts all over the Internet.

The plagiarism software does its job and simultaneously verifies the document`s uniqueness and originality.

The document comparison is a "face to face" one; the document sample is to be analysed in comparison with similar or identical fragments all over the Internet.

Even if you have not knowingly copied a paragraph or an idea, the document verification helps you to protect yourself from any plagiarism suspicion.

You get 100% accurate results and, in addition, our software has an edge on educational research field. If your document`s ideas, theories or content develop clear similarities or are to be found in other documents available on the Internet, the software will help you to find proper sources to your document and, possibly, to investigate if someone else before you wrote something very similar.

Find out before your teacher does, whether your document is genuine or not. offers the most advanced plagiarism detection software, approved by the Ethics Committee and used in most universities in Romania and Moldova

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